Market Research

We develop and implement a plan for strategic and accurate market research for our clients before they take the big leap into the lucrative yet very risky market of Personal Care products. This foresighted approach minimizes risk for our clients and also gives them a better perspective of the opportunities and challenges that they might have missed when initially contemplating entering or expanding into the cosmetics and cosmaceuticals.

Formulation Services

Our team of cosmetic formulators are well versed in modern trends in the market as well as ingredients, and coming from a diverse production and branding background understand the importance of creating formulae that not only are functional, but are also cost effective to manufacture.

We pride ourselves in providing clients hailing from small startups as well as established multinational companies with consultancy and sale of formulations as well as formula concentrates according to their specific market needs

Product Design and Distribution Consultancy

As trends change and markets grow continuously so do the needs for better product packaging and establishment of robust distribution networks. We work closely with clients from many different regions internationally who are in search of making their products stand out on shelves and to get their products on as many shelves as possible. Through strategic alliances with leading distributors in established and emerging consumer markets we offer unique expertise in guiding clients to the best supply chain partners in markets of their choice with products that aesthetically appeal to their target market segment.