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Here at Evan & Mayer, our mission is to deliver superior manufacturing services for personal care products to clients of all sizes. From budding startups to established industry giants, we take pride in meeting the diverse needs of our clientele.

Located in Karachi, Pakistan’s bustling Free Trade Zone, our strategic position offers unparalleled advantages. With convenient access to the nearby Karachi Port, logistics and shipping are seamlessly integrated into our operations, guaranteeing prompt and efficient delivery of your products.

We’re not just a manufacturing facility; we’re your trusted partner in bringing your personal care products to market with quality, safety, and reliability at the forefront of everything we do.

Cosmetic & Personal Care

Home Care & Fragrance

Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

Formulation & Development

We are Certified for Quality & Safety Standards by Reputable International Authorities

Contract Manufacturing

Whether you are an established brand, or a new brand, we look forward to being a business partner that helps build your success through our strong communication, attention to detail, high level experience in manufacture, quality assurance and project management.

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